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We convert technology values into business, economic and financial concepts that make sense to decision makers. Our commitment to unmatched technology, industry excellence, sound strategy, integrity and putting our clients’ interests first has led to our successful reputation in the industry. Our fiduciary responsibility to our individual and institutional clients guides every decision we make.


Market Insights Solution by Lualdi Advisors

AlphaGate is a market insights solution by Lualdi Advisors for HNWI and professional investors. With AlphaGate you can invest your money smarter. We analyze information from all over the world and provide our clients with all the data they need to make better investment decisions. Our algorithm is as accurate as a team of top analysts and has helped our hundreds of institutional clients manage billions of dollars.

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AlphaGate is the most advanced algorithmic-based insights service for high-net-worth-individuals and professional investors. Our experience over the past decade has positioned us as a trusted advisor to hedge funds and family offices. Clients take advantage of our proprietary investment strategies, proprietary analytic programs, and data analytics to make better investment decisions. We are backed by top tier investors and have a proven track record of helping clients manage money responsibly with an organization that’s committed to protecting client interests.

With AlphaGate we can quickly and easily spot which stocks are receiving growing institutional attention and forecast the biggest swings with large anticipation. We can also sharply identify the most probable price clusters. As a consequence, our Clients can make smarter decisions about which stocks to buy and at what price.
The average profit potential of AlphaGate’s trades is +23% per single trade
(average performance over a period of 10 years).

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Knowledge, Innovation and Execution Effectiveness

We drive business growth & success, building and driving investment opportunities with powerful ideas.
Knowledge, innovation and execution effectiveness are core elements to our business. Our growth and success results from merging of investment opportunities, creating innovating tools and executing sound strategies. We continuously strive to understand the market, provide the most sound advice and execute Alpha strategies that provide optimal solutions to meet clients’ needs.


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Lualdi Advisors' services are exclusively dedicated to professional and sophisticated investors.